Michael Duru Clothiers

Princeton Class of '96 - Mens

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"I have always enjoyed the thought of a jacket I could wear around non-Princetonians to show our
school pride all year rather than something that would only dare come out of the closet for the

"Needs to say Princeton, but hopefully in a more subtle and less garish way.”

"To paraphrase Ron Burgundy, keep it classy.”

"I love classic designs that don’t go out of style that can be worn to other Princeton events and
still look put together.”

"Classic. Preppy. Timeless. Love the idea of a surprise or fun lining.”

"I'd love to have a blazer that could be worn occasionally to non-Princeton events. Something
suitably subtle.”

"Go for a beautiful/cool pattern –– not text.”

"If you go orange, PLEASE go with a real orange.”

"Orange black and white plaid will always be my favorite design.”

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